Gelo with coconut and raspberries: the recipe


I am now totally into agar-agar! With the consequent huge temptation of jellying anything that is edible :) Therefore, today I am glad to present this gelo with coconut and raspberries, fresh and delicate…

Gelo with coconut and raspberries

(Doses for 6 persons)

  • 400 g of coconut milk

  • 100 g of milk*

  • 100 g of sugar

  • 18 neat raspberries

  • 1 g of agar-agar in powder

  • water as needed

Place the agar powder in a cup and hydrate it with some water, in order to obtain a kind of slush. Set aside.

Pour the coconut milk and the regular milk in a pot, add the sugar and bring the mixture to boil. Add agar and stir for 1-2 minutes. Turn the flame off and pour the milky mixture into single-portion ceramic pots. Add 3 raspberries per pot and let the mixture jelly. Transfer into the fridge till the time to serve.

*By replacing milk with water, we obtain a vegan dessert