Quiche with asparagus and parmigiano: the recipe

As anticipated in the former post, here the first recipe of the series: gels with eggs!

Today, we will make quiche, the popular savory French pie. I don’t know you, but I find quiches a brilliant invention. Here three good reasons, why you should make them more often:

  • Quiches are a complete main course: they contain vegetables, proteins (eggs, milk) and carbs. With a salad on the side, they are delightful for lunch or supper.
  • Quiches are versatile: they can be served as starter, finger food or main course. Furthermore, you can stuff them with your favourite ingredients.
  • Quiches are yummy: I never found someone who didn’t like them! Let’s admit it: they are very indulgent.

OK, propaganda pro-quiche is over, let’s now get straight to the recipe :)


Quiche with asparagus and parmigiano (doses for 4 persone)

For the pâte à quiche (recipe of Felder)*

  • 200 g of flour (better if weak)
  • 1 egg
  • 90 g of soft butter
  • 20 g of water
  • 5 g of salt

For the filling**

  • A handful of asparagus
  • 50 g of grated parmigiano cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 200 g of milk
  • Extra virgin olive oil as required
  • Salt as required
  • Pepper as required

Prepare the pâte of Felder. If you have a Kitchen Aid or a Kenwood mixer, put all the ingredients in the bowl and mix them with the leaf-shaped hook. Otherwise, place the flour on a surface in a volcano-like shape and add all the other ingredients in the center. Knead the ingredients until you obtain a smooth dough. Do not overwork it. Wrap the dough in a film paper and let it rest in the fridge for about 2 hours.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling: wash the asparagus, remove the hard part of the stems and cut them in small pieces. Pour a bit of oil in a frying pan (1-2 table spoons), add the asparagus and let them simmer. Break two eggs in a bowl, add the milk, a pinch of salt and pepper, and beat everything with the aid of a fork.

Take the dough from the fridge and spread it with a rolling pin. Place it in a pie pan covered with parchment paper. Put the asparagus and the grated parmigiana on the dough. Pour the milk-egg mixture over it and bake in convected oven at 180 ˚C until the filling rises a bit up and turns gold-brown. Serve the quiche cold or lukewarm.

*if you feel lazy, you can use a roll of ready-made puff pastry. However, I vividly suggest you to try this Felder’s recipe for pâte a quiche: you will love it!

**you can replace asparagus and parmigiano with the vegetables and cheeses you prefer.