Vegan custard: the recipe

Vegan custard dessert

This post has originated from a gelo (typical Sicilian dessert, similar to a jello) of mango and pineapple that didn’t jelly :P

The idea was, indeed, to make the Sicilian gelo, replacing watermelon with mango and pineapple…after having placed the gelo in the fridge and waited patiently 4 hours (and eventually overnight, just to be 100% sure), my dessert hasn’t jellied :( Why? By browsing the web, I found that making a mango and pineapple gelo is indeed feasible…also because we use corn starch and not gelatine that will be hydrolyzed by the pineapple’s proteolytic enzymes. Can someone help me to figure this out???

Therefore, this morning, almost panicking, I wondered…what the heck I am going to post??? So, I eventually came up with the recipe of a vegan custard. And you know what? This recipe is easy, quick and good. So good that next time I will crave for something sweet (more or less every day) and I have nothing home (more or less every day), I will make a:

Vegan custard

(doses for 2 persons)

  • 250 mL of soy milk

  • 50 g of sugar

  • 8 g of corn starch

  • 15 g of flour

Put the starch, the flour and the sugar in a pot a mix them, so that they will be well homogenized. Add a bit of soy milk and stir, in order to get a batter. Keep adding the remaining soy milk slowly, under a continuous stirring. Place the pot on the stove and bring it to boil, still under constant stirring. Keep stirring for 1 more minute (at this point, you might notice that the liquid thickens). Remove the pot from the stove and pour the custard into single portion pots. Place the custard in the fridge to let it thicken. Serve it cold.

In the picture, I topped the custard with the not jellied mango and pineapple gelo :D The custard is first layer staring from the bottom ;)