Raspberry gelato: the recipe

raspberry gelato

We are finally here, for Thursday’s, ahem, Friday’s recipe :)  No Proustian memories, today. Actually, raspberry gelato and, generally speaking, all the berries gelato were never my cup of tea. The reason why I propose this recipe, today, was strictly dictated by practical reasons (=I had a box of raspberries on the edge of going moldy :P).

I also took the opportunity to verify the balance of my gelato mixture, as discussed in the last post. To keep it simple, I just checked the percentage of sugars, fats and proteins. According to  my calculations, it turns out that:

Sugars are about 21% :)

Fat content is around 7% :)

Proteins represent 2% of the mixture :(

As you can notice, the protein content is a bit low...Being a fruit gelato, that’s not surprising. In classical gelato (cream, stracciatella, hazelnut), eggs give a significant contribution to the protein content. However, fruit gelato can’t count on that. Probably, we can increase the proportions of milk, being careful to do not exceed the recommended amount of fats, though.

This recipe comes from the manual of my gelato machine. The gelato turned well, but it became rather hard after storing it in the deep freezer. Browsing Di Carlo’s book, I noticed that, besides regular milk, he also uses powdered milk that allows increasing the protein content, without adding water.

So, my fruit gelato is still a work in progress...I didn’t square the circle, yet :P

Raspberry gelato

(Doses for four persons)

  • 250 g of fresh and clean raspberries
  • 120 g of whole milk
  • 110 g of fresh cream
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 1 tea spoon of vanilla extract

Blend all the ingredients together. The best would be to transfer the mixture in a sealed container and let it rest in the fridge overnight (about 12h). Unfortunately, I was in a rush (auch!) and I skipped that step. What can I say, “do what I say, not what I do” :P

Pour the mixture in the gelato machine and activate the function stir+cold, to incorporate air under cooling down. Gelato should be ready in 20-25 min. Stop the machine, remove the mixing bowl and cover it with aluminum foil. Transfer the gelato in the freezer and let it rest for 6-7h, before serving.