Mayonnaise: the recipe (and a bonus :))

After having talked about egg-based sauces and factors affecting their stability, let’s go practical: arm yourself with eggs and an immersion blender: today, I will show you how to prepare a mayo in no time.


Mayonnaise (doses for 4-5 persons)

·        1 egg

·        200 g of sunflower seed oil*

·        a pinch of salt

·        2 spoons of lemon juice

Break the egg and put the white and the yolk in a tall and narrow container (the one coming with your immersion blender works perfectly). Add the juice, the salt and the oil. Blend everything with movements from the top to the bottom for about 10 sec (if you keep blending for too long, the emulsion might destabilize). Congratulations, your mayo is ready :)

Did I promise a bonus, wasn’t it? I suggest you to try the following recipe: a Finnish sandwich made with smoked salmon, eggs and mayo. I was used to eat it often when I was in Finland and I found it great. You can also realize a miniaturized version to serve as finger food.


Finnish sandwich with salmon, eggs and mayo (for 2 persons)

·        Two rye or multigrain buns  (70-80 g/each)

·        150 g of smoked salmon

·        4 table spoons of mayo

·        1 hard boiled egg

·        2 leaves of lettuce

·        Dill, as needed

Open the buns and stuff them, in the order, with the lettuce, the hard boiled egg cut in slice and the salmon. Add two table spoons of mayo on the salmon and garnish with a pinch of dill. Top the sandwich with the remaining half part of the bun and enjoy!

 *Although olive oil is of better quality, I do not recommend it for preparing a mayo. Its strong flavor might be too pronounced for this type of preparation.