Crème patissière: the recipe

How did you like the story of crème patissière? You might have laughed about that (I hope), but I swear that nothing upset me more in the kitchen than a failed crème patissière. Speaking about that, I promised you a recipe, right? Very well, today I will post even two recipes: the one for crème patissière and that one of the famous raspberry pie I made years ago.

Let’s see now how to make crème patissière. We will proceed step by step, avoiding the most common mistakes. For convenience, I used the recipe of Ducasse. I just made a few modification to the original one.


Crème patissière

·        250 g of whole milk

·        50 g of sugar

·        50 g of egg yolk (3 yolks in my case)

·        15 g of flour

·        8 gof corn starch

In a pot, add the yolks, flour, starch and sugar. Mix them gently in order to obtain a mush. Dilute with 7-8 table spoons of cold milk and mix. Warm the remaining milk up. As explained in the former post, this step is crucial to avoid the formation of lumps. If you pour hot milk on the undiluted mush, the starch grains gelatinize just externally and won’t be able to absorb more liquid (not in the time required to prepare your crème, at least). Add the hot milk and mix, keeping the crème under low flame. Once the crème patissière has reached the gelatinizing temperature, the starch grains will swell. As soon as the crème starts to boil, remove it from the stove and let it cool down covered with aluminum foil or with a lid. This step prevent evaporation of the water and consequent formation of a thin film on the surface. Transfer the crème in the fridge till use. It lasts two days at a temperature of 4 ˚C.


Raspberry pie

·        Short crust pastry (for the recipe, see here)

·        Crème patissière (see recipe above)

·        300 g of fresh raspberries

Prepare the short crust as explained here. Spread it on a baking pan covered with parchment paper and pour the crème patissière on it. Decorate with the raspberries and bake in convect oven at 180 ˚C, until the crust will turn golden-brown.

Let me know how your crème patissière turned out! :)


Frederic Robert, Il Grande Libro di Cucina di Alain Ducasse Dessert, 442-443, Ed. Giunti