A recipe with the siphon: easy bruschetta

As if a bruschetta would be hard to make! :) But we just landed in the high tech world of molecular gastronomy, where classicism leave the place to avant-garde.  Today, as promised, we will make a recipe with the whipping siphon. The dish I am going to present is a bit summery, but it seemed to me a good idea to test the new device. If you don't feel as making it now, save it for the summer :)

In this bruschetta, minced tomatoes are replaced by the corresponding mousse, which gives to the dish a delicate texture. It is an open recipe: you can replace bagels with the type of bread you like the most or crackers, as well as feta can be substituted with mozzarella or another fresh cheese. I have used tomato juice either for convenience either for common sense: it tastes much better than the tomatoes you find during this time of the year. If you use real tomatoes, remember to remove the peel and the seeds, and to filter the liquid, before pouring that into the siphon.

Read, steady...go! :)


Molecular bruschetta (doses for 10 persons)

  • 2 bagels
  • 200 g of feta
  • 200 g of cold fresh cream (35%)
  • 100 g of cold tomato juice
  • Basil to taste (better if fresh, I just had the dried one)

Cut bagels in half. From each part, cut small pieces of about 3cmx3cm. Cut feta in small cubes and place it on the bagels' pieces.

Prepare the foam: mix the cream and the tomato juice, and pour the liquid into the siphon. A cartridge of N2O will suffice. Select a small aperture spout to attach to the extrusion valve. Please, refer to your siphon's manual for assembling and dispensing. Garnish each bruschetta with a curl of tomato foam and sprinkle some basil on them. Serve immediately.