The problem of scientific communication


One of the reasons I opened this blog was the desire to make science, in particular the edible one, more "communicable" and understandable to people.

When I was a kid, Quark (a science-based TV show) was my weekly date. I literally hanged off Piero Angela's words. This guy, who presented the show, has been one of the first, amazing Italian pop scientist.  He was awesome, let me say that. He explained everything with accuracy and attention to the facts. At the same time, he had a communicative savoir fare that mesmerized people on the other side of the screen.

After years in scientific labs, I noticed as scientific communication might a be complex issue. Often, scientists work on highly specialized projects and, eventually, they start to speak their own language, understandable just to direct collaborators, but unknown to those who are outside the little circle.

Communicating science to big crowds is not easy. You can't improvise. Explaining complex concepts in plain language, without making it trivial, requires strong communication skills. This is what pop scientists do and that is what I wish to do with this blog. 

So, in the near future, there will be posts on pop science, on the hoaxes and on why it is so terribly difficult to be a pop scientist.

Stay tuned! :)