Summer, garlic and the gazpacho of Ferran Adria'


All started last week end. By browsing on Instagram, I ran into the recipe of Ferran Adria’s gazpacho, re-interpreted by Lucia from L’ultima Fetta. In case you do not know, gazpacho is a typical Spanish summer soup, made with tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, onion, pepper, oil and stale bread. Everything is blended and served cold.

What intrigued me was the procedure used by Adria’. The chef of El Bulli puts the garlic in cold water and brings it to boil for a few minutes. Then he drains the garlic and repeats the procedure other two times.

Now, I can’t help but asking, why? Why boiling the garlic? Probably to get rid of that stingy taste with is a prerogative of garlic. But why staring from cold water and do not place the garlic directly into boiling water? You may understand this question has been in my head for over a week and I need to find an answer ;)

As chances are low that Ferran Adria’ stops on this page and reads this post, I will have to roll up my sleeves and find the solution.

Ideas, suggestions? Please, let me know in the comments :)