A few things about Nova Scotia

After two weeks of wandering through, I came back to the head quarter :)

Although it was just two weeks, I had the feeling I have been gone forever…the trip is always an important experience that connects with other people and opens new horizons. In particular, traveling by yourself helps with ordering the ideas, wondering, finding new cues. The trip doesn’t end with the arrival or the departure. The great thing about traveling is that the trip will always live in ourselves, it shapes us and never leaves us the same we were before we left.

My second travel destination was Nova Scotia. It was my first time visiting this place. A beautiful, simple, genuine Atlantic province. Although here I speak about food and science, I can’t help with telling a few things about this awesome place.


What to eat

Fish. Don’t you like it? Too bad. Being a peninsula, fish is very popular. At the top of the charts, there is lobster, followed by scallops, salmon and oysters. Typical dishes are the lobster roll, fish and chips, roasted salmon and stir-fried scallops wrapped in bacon.

Personally, I had a wonderful dinner at The Canteen, in Dartmouth, the town on the opposite side of Halifax. Excellent their scallops and peas risotto (with lobster, bonus! :)).


Shopping in Halifax

Halifax is not really a shopping destination. Anyway, it hosts two worthy independent shops: Biscuit General Store, a clothing/gadgets boutique, and Black Market, for fair trade, ethnic shopping. If you are looking for something different from the usual chains, you might like these two addresses.

The green sweater comes from Biscuits General Store :)


Peggy’s Cove

A few people consider Peggy’s Cove a bit overrated as a destination. As a sea lover, I adored it. A little light house dominating the Artlantic Ocean. A tiny community, a few coloured houses on the immense sea. The road that brings from Halifax to Peggy’s Cove is not less stunning, with all the hills going up and down. Not tom mention the tiny little bays surrounded by the Northern forests, which are replaced by the simple tundra as the destination approaches. Peggy’s Cove is just 40 min from Halifax and rests, to me, a must-to-see destination. Here a few suggestions, if you plan to visit Peggy’s Cove:

  • Peggy’s Cove is very windy. Dress appropriately and avoid to go there in winter.

  • Get a car, because I am afraid is not well served by public transportation.

  • Going there before the sunset and see the sun going down is an amazing experience.

  • The restaurant of the gift shop is no bad at all. It is a very cozy place, but it serves good fish at totally honest prices.

  • Be careful and do not go on the black rocks. Really. The ocean is unpredictable…

So, what do you think? Would you a plan a trip to Nova Scotia?