Hi, I am Lucia. Since the high school time, chemistry and food have been my passions. After a master degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, I moved to Finland for my PhD. As a globetrotter I kept moving, relocating in Brussels, first, and in Ottawa then, where I met my husband and I settled down.

Being Italian, food matters. A lot. Food means family, love, friend and relative reunions. Everything is around food. As a chemist, I can't help approaching cooking in an analytical way, trying to find the best method to get the perfect custard, mayo, dough.

Edible Molecules has been created to speak about food and cooking from a scientific perspective. If you are passionate about food and you want to learn all the "secrets" (or almost! :)) about, you are in the right place.

All photos on this site are taken by Lucia D'Ulivo, unless differently stated. The logo and the drawings in the site and in the posts are creations of the author.